The best way to treat your products is with love and care - remove your jewelry before getting active, showering or sleeping. You can clean your beaded jewelry and bags with a jewelry cloth, hand wash is your go-to - don’t put them in the washing machine (obviously:)).
Your gold plated and silver jewelry should stay away from water, not because they don’t know how to swim but because you risk discolor and fading.
 Ornaments on zippers are purely decorative. You should always use the actual zipper runner to open/close your Pura Utz wallets and bags!
All our products are handcrafted in high-quality materials and are made to last <3






We always strive to repair so that we can make the best out of your Pura Utz item(s). If you experience product damage, you are beyond welcome to email with a description of the issue. 
We want to reduce our footprint by avoiding excess shipments. Therefore we will bring your beloved items with us to Guatemala twice a year. Shoot us an e-mail to know when we are going next. 
The repair costs will vary from item to item and will be calculated upon request.