Customize Your Own


As a brand new function we are now offering the opportunity to design your very own Pura Utz necklace or bracelet.
As always your necklace will be hand made by our team in Guatemala and ready for delivery within 4-6 weeks. The team is looking forward to receiving your design :)
*Please note that as this is a customized piece for you we do not offer returns or exchange.




We offer the opportunity to get your favorite necklace or bracelet amiga in a custom length - it's all about creating a design for you that fits perfectly and can last a life time :) Send us an email with your custom wishes, and we will get back to you with delivery time.  

***TERMS : when we create this special product for you we do not offer any refund or exchange on the product, so make sure to measure well and exact (Pura Utz does not assume any responsibility for wrong measurements). Delivery time is 4-6 weeks, no extra charge - you just have to be patient and wait :)

***HOW-TO : preferably use a piece of thread to measure your desired length around your neck. When you have reached the perfect spot, measure the piece of thread on a measuring tape and note it in the comment field of your order. 

***DISCLAIMER : please take into account that the 'volume' size of your necklace will vary a little depending on whether it's tiny glass beads or fresh water pearls because of their size difference. Their sizes are organic and will always mean that the measurements won't be exact down to the millimeter. Due also note that the length of the necklace is including the lock.

With this being said we are super excited to make this happen for you <3  




We can assist you with custom length on your bag strap - reach out if you have any requests with this at We want the product to fit you and your body perfectly, there is no extra charge for customizable bag straps - you just have to wait for us to produce and include it with the next shipment from Guatemala <3