How do you pack your orders?

As an online shop, we must admit that packaging is a very tricky challenge that concerns us deeply!
It is a must to package your items carefully, and we want to give our customers a special experience while taking good care of our incredible planet. 
Until now, our take on the challenge has been to source and create packaging that our customers will not only love but want to reuse or keep. Thus, we use a locally sourced silver foil bag which we think is cool and suitable for many other purposes.
Our jewelry boxes are made of hard plastic because we want to excite our customers and are told that boxes made to last give a better experience.
Based on feedback, we have chosen to pack our jewelry in colorful plastic boxes that are glitterfull and protective at the same time. 
Sustainability has many faces and one of them is to make high-quality products that will last and be loved and reused. This is a sustainability value that we believe in and are committed to deliver at any time in PURA UTZ - both when it comes to products and packaging. <3
We know that we are not perfect and try to make the best decisions while recognizing that we can only do our best with the resources we have.
We always strive to do better and promise that we will continue doing that.


 Pssssst! Treat them like your most precious items!
The best way to treat your products is with love and care. You can clean your jewelry and bags with a jewelry cloth and don’t put them in the washing machine (hand wash is your go-to). Another tip is to take your jewelry off before showering and at night time.
This will get you far! <3