Interview : Latina Magazine

“It’s important for us to sell our products at this rate because we’re generating stable jobs here. The artisans make their products with a lot of love and time,” says Elisa. “That’s the biggest reason customers should support our work at Pura Utz. It’s not just a bracelet or an earring, it’s filled with our labor and love.”
For every product made, the artisans are guaranteed to take home one-third of the price the item is sold for. Elisa explains that it’s important that their consumers have an idea of what each item costs so they can value their work and understand the training and skills needed to produce. In turn, pay transparency has afforded the artisans the opportunity to save money, set their own schedules, and invest in costs they might otherwise avoid like buying new clothes or upgrading their homes.
“For the artisans, this makes a huge difference because it significantly improves their financial situation,” says Elisa. “They know this first hand because they used to work in places that paid very little despite their working extremely hard.” 
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