*Anna Waller Andrés is the co-founder and creative director.

Design, sampling, administration, sourcing, skills training, website and creative direction.



“Pura Utz is a dream of working for the empowerment of the Mayan women through their crafts and skills. For many years, I have considered Guatemala my second home. Since visiting the country for the first time as an 11-year-old child, I have experienced Guatemala as a volunteer teacher and nurse and eventually did my thesis on the reproductive health of Mayan women. Oh yeah – I’ve studied anthropology at the university, and my actual profession is nursing.



Pura Utz is a dream of being fully connected to Guatemala while making a difference in someone else’s life. It is a dream of connecting worlds, being creative and adding warmth and color to the world while serving the people behind what we do. I am looking for things to make sense."


Here is my very personal story if you'd like to know more.