Yin and Yang Bracelets

Explore our collection of yin yang bracelets made of either freshwater pearls, quality glass beads, or Sterling Silver (either gold plated or regular silver). 
The yin yang bracelets are a popular choice for people who are looking for a piece of jewelry that celebrates love and/or friendship. 

As such, they are highly suitable as a friendship bracelet – and especially so because of the meaning behind the yin and yang symbol. 

However, our yin yang bracelets are for anyone! The primary prerequisite for wearing one of our bracelets is simply having an arm :-)

One of the benefits of shopping for your next yin yang bracelet through Pura Utz is our dedicated focus to product longevity. As such, we only use high quality materials; .e.g our glass beads, our freshwater pearls, and certified Sterling Silver. 

To further enhance product longevity we also encourage all of our customers to take good care of their jewelry. You can find detailed care instructions on any given product on our page. 

The bracelets on this page are all manufactured by a talented team of female artisans from Guatemala. It is at the core of our business to pay above the standard market price to support these women in supporting themselves and their families.


The symbolism behind yin and yang

Here at Pura Utz we interpret the symbolism behind yin and yang as an acknowledgement and celebration of balance and connection.

Being able to connect with seemingly opposing ideals is a much needed feature of human life, especially in a polarized society as we’re witnessing today.

We’re not saying a simple necklace will change the World in regards to polarization. Instead, we’re reminding ourselves about the importance of balance and connection in oppositions - both in the way we experience the world and in the way we do our business.

It might sound ceremonious and feel like a drop in the ocean; and it probably is. It’s okay to also just think that Yin Yang is cool :) 


Socially Responsible Production | Supporting Women to Provide for Themselves

Social responsibility is at the core of our business. We want to put our money where our mouth is by creating delightful designs that create job opportunities and income.

As such, we pay our team 3 x the market standard to honor the women who make our products and go beyond the principles of Fairtrade. We are committed to helping these women grow their self-worth while also providing for themselves and investing in their futures.

However, our products are not designed to improve life in the sense that they are saving lives. 

Let’s be honest: Nobody needs a new bracelet. 
Being marketed and sold as commercial products, they are, however, brought to life in the pursuit of meaning and purpose.

Generating profit, they are a necessary vehicle for impact in the sense that we would not change anything without them.

Dive into the production atmosphere by seeing this video, and meet Bernabela who talks about the Pura Utz ambience here.