(Meet Julía)

Julía has been working with us in our team for around six years now. That is a long time and a lot of experience! Through time and skills building she has become one of our most key partners. Our designs do not only require skill, they also require the repeated attention and patience to make our designs 'just right' every single time! And that is a lot, when consider that you have to weave 33’000 glass beads in to a wearable bag.

For the past two years Pura Utz has supported Julía in undertaking a Computer Skills and Administration program allowing her to take on more administrative tasks which was a dream of hers. She is graduation from the course at the end of November.  

We asked Julia a few short questions about her work and future :)


How long have you worked with Pura Utz?

I have worked with Pura Utz for around six years now.


What is your work area with Pura Utz?

I am responsible for all sampling of new collections and designs. Other than that I teach my colleagues new techniques and onboard new team members to learn our designs and quality. I am also in charge of administrating work and tasks to the other girls in our team. 


What do you think are your strongest capabilities in your daily work?

I feel proud of myself that I can do all samples and make new ideas come to life. I have reached a point where I never say or feel like there is something I can’t make or do. I always come to work happy and like to feel like I am in a family. I have a lot of patience.


What are your dreams for the future?

I should probably get married to a good husband and have two kids (hahaha). I just dream of having a good life, to not suffer financially. I would like to have my own business one day, maybe selling clothes and then grow with my business.