International Women’s Day : BERNABELA

My Role Model is ELENA*

*She is a hardworking woman with many talents within embroidery and beadwork. She is a persistent woman and a great role model.


"She is a friend called Elena. She is a fighter who has worked hard to enable her children to study. Even though she comes from very limited ressources she helps a lot of people - and I was someone she helped. She took care of me when I was 12 years old. Because in my house I was never important. She taught me how to work and she also cleaned and took care of me when I was unwanted and always dirty. She would comb my hair and wash it.”


“To me she is like a second mother and I am so grateful to her. Many of the things I know how to do, I learned from her. She taught me to embroider and do beadwork. She taught me not to wait for things to change, I have to change things. This is so special to me and I will never forget it.”


Bernabela Sapalú, Co-Founder