(Meet Chonita)


How long have you worked with Pura Utz?

I think it must be around six years, quite a long time.


What is your work area with Pura Utz?

I teach my colleagues new designs, I make samples of new things and I assist with administrative work such as printing design catalogues for my colleagues. I also help coordinate daily work tasks in the office and hand out assignment to my colleagues.


What do you think are your strongest capabilities in your daily work?

My strongest capability is to make samples of new designs y teach these new designs to the other girls. Then I also think my patience is another capability I have, because I have patience for everyone and everything. To me it means that I am kind towards everyone in the team, making sure that they understand their work and that I believe in their capabilities. I think this is important. It’s not always you meet people who believe in your capabilities and it makes me happy to be able to show them that I believe in them. That is how self esteem grows and that is important. 


What are your dreams for the future?

I am looking for work within my career which is teaching. I would like to work as a teacher and I see that more job opportunities are opening now, so I think I will start applying more. We also dream of starting our own business in my family between my two sisters, mother and I. We have been thinking about something with serving food but we haven’t decided yet - there is a lot of competition and so on to keep in mind.