• Mini Pear Earring
  • Mini Pear Earring
  • Mini Pear Earring
  • Mini Pear Earring

Mini Pear Earring

190,00 kr

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Mini Pear - Made entirely by hand!

-     Charm (without hoop) 190 DKK / 30 $ / 25 € / 23 £

-     Earring 290 DKK / 43 $ / 39 € / 33 £

Product info

- Brown / Green

-     Lightweighted handmade charm, sold as single

-     1,5 cm 925 gold plated nickel free silver

-     Options: Gold / Silver / Without hoop


*Not just a smiling face

We pay our team 3 x the market standard to honor the women who make our products and go beyond the principles of Fairtrade. We are committed to make our women grow their self-worth while being able to provide for themselves and invest in their futures. 

Dive into the production atmosphere by seeing this video, and meet Bernabela who talks about the Pura Utz ambience here.


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