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Cherry Necklace

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Cherry Necklace | Made entirely by hand! 

Product Info
-     Red / Green / White
-     100% handmade and unique
-     Length Options: 38 cm / 45 cm
-     Custom Length: Please read how-to and our terms
-     Glass beads

Chic and stylish cherry necklace with multiple cherry pendants/charms hanging from the cord of the necklace. The result is a highly fashionable, but very playful and fun, piece of jewellery that looks amazing.

The pendants/charms are made of top-shelf glass beads ensuring a resilient and long-lasting piece of jewellery – especially if you treat it with love <3

The cherry pendant necklaces are handmade by gifted artisans based in Guatemala who we proudly pay triple the industry standard for their hard labor. Read more about their story further down the page.

Here at Pura Utz we also believe in treating jewellery with respect. By prolonging the lifespan of our jewellery – and any other item for that matter – we want to slow down and step away from mind-numbing mass production.

That’s why we’ve included detailed care instructions at the bottom of this page. That way you can treat your jewellery in the best and most sustainable way possible.

Mass production of boring and stale pieces of jewellery are a thing of the past. Today, we want our appearance to tell a story; and that story is a tale of care, responsibility, and a connection to the smaller, more natural things in life. We want to slow down in a fast-moving world.

Want to slow down with us?

Socially Responsible Production | Supporting Women to Provide for Themselves

Social responsibility is at the core of our business. We want to put our money where our mouth is by creating delightful designs that create job opportunities and income.

As such, we pay our team 3 x the market standard to honor the women who make our products and go beyond the principles of Fairtrade. We are committed to helping these women grow their self-worth while also providing for themselves and investing in their futures.

However, our products are not designed to improve life in the sense that they are saving lives. 

Let’s be honest: Nobody needs a new necklace. 

Being marketed and sold as commercial products, they are, however, brought to life in the pursuit of meaning and purpose. Generating profit, they are a necessary vehicle for impact in the sense that we would not change anything without them.

Dive into the production atmosphere by seeing this video, and meet Bernabela who talks about the Pura Utz ambience here.

Tailor-made Measurements Just for You!

The cherry necklace comes in two default lengths; 38 cm and 45 cm. But since we believe in connecting with our customers and giving you tailor-made experiences, you are also able to order a custom length of the necklace.

Please read how-to and our terms - we are always super excited to help you get that special tailor-made feeling when purchasing our jewellery <3


Domestic Orders : DKK 40 / $6 / 5
International orders: DKK 70 / $11 / €9,5
Orders above DKK 1000 / USD 162 / EUR 135: Free *discount is added automatically upon checkout
More info about shipping HERE


Product Care 

Treat them like your most precious items and they will return the love by lasting a lifetime!

The best way to treat your products is with love and care - remove your jewellery before getting active, showering or sleeping. You can clean your beaded jewellery and bags with a jewellery cloth, hand washing is your go-to - don’t put them in the washing machine (obviously:)). Your gold plated and silver jewellery should stay away from water, not because they don’t know how to swim but because you risk miscoloring and fading.

All our products are handcrafted in high-quality materials and are made to last <3

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