That could be yourself as well, no shame in giving yourself a little Mother's Day Treat haha :))

We asked Elisa two questions for Mother's Day (did you know that she is the daughter of our co-founder Bernabela? Well she is and she runs the whole operation alongside her in Guatemala).


Mother's Day is coming up, what would your words be on working alongside your mom?

"I feel very happy and grate to work with my mother because since I was little she taught me to be a strong and independent woman who can achieve her dreams with perseverance and I am very proud that she is my mother, she is my inspiration to be a better person every day"


 What does being a 'mother' mean to you?

"I believe that the most diffitcult job of a woman in life is to be a mom, nobody teaches you how to be a good mother, you just learn in the process. Each one does it in their own way and gives the best of themselves"