Interview : Mai Magazine

You’ve mentioned that you struggled for a long time with the feeling that you couldn’t be ‘too fashion’ because of where the artisan women who work for Pura Utz are based. But that you also couldn’t be ‘too project’ because then it would be more like a charity product. How does what you are trying to achieve with your products differ from other businesses?
"Well at the end of the day it’s just a beaded banana, another product… but what makes it special is what it means to the women who made it and the person who will wear it. We make it with so much love and as Elisa says, we really believe it transmits to our designs. But who knows? Maybe people just want a beaded banana and that’s it! We have serious values behind our business but we try to have a lot of fun while doing it, because we have so much fun in our team and this translates into these colorful and fun products."
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