Feliz Navidad 🎄

What a strange and yet wonderful year.

We have experienced lots of major set backs due to Covid19 but we have experienced equal amounts of love and support from the Pura Utz community. You guys supported us by believing in our pre-order options during lockdown and continued to believe in our mission of creating a sustainable income for our team of amazing women.

Yesterday and today our team is delivering special Christmas Baskets for 80 families who have limited ressources. The baskets are donated from all of you guys in our community, our retailers and Pura Utz. We feel like this will be a new Christmas tradition for us. It feels so extra special to share some of the Christmas love and spirit.

THANK YOU for your support and donations! We are so excited about next year and all the plans we have.

All the AMOR and gratitude from us at team Pura Utz ❤️

Bernabela, Elisa, Mette and Anna 🍒


Christmas Basket contains


Hot chocolate

Red beans



Fresh Grapes

Fresh Apples

Danish Butter Cookies