Come graduate with the Pura Utz Class of 2021

According to Professor Richard Buchanan (1992), Today’s design challenges are characterised by being wicked. The past months have for sure taught us why. The process of designing, producing and launching our first actual bag collection reflects a bumpy road with a steep learning curve of multiple challenges.

To design requires decision making. However, in a world of wicked challenges, there are no decisions without consequences and no defining line between right and wrong. Instead, there are good and bad, better and worse depending on the POV you take.

Without neglecting the downsides of introducing more products to a world that is already drowning in unnecessary “stuff”, we’re proud to launch our new bag collection. No easy choices have been made, and we’ve been working super hard to educate ourselves and view all challenges as learning opportunities to make the best possible decisions from the inside to the outside of the bags. That is why we launch the bags with a graduation party!

One of the most nerve-racking challenges we’ve faced on the journey was a question of materials. Being specialised in beadwork, we’ve had to step out of our comfort zone to identify and source a satisfying base material for the bags. While real leather is known to be versatile and viable, finding a more ethical option was a must for a happy and fruity brand like Pura Utz. After several weeks of research, ideation and experimentation, we decided to go with apple leather. A bio-based material which is made of leftover apple waste and predicted to become a game changer in the fashion industry. It is known for being durable, aesthetically pleasing and causing considerable CO2 impact reductions which makes it a great alternative to faux and real leather from our POV.

While 66% of the bag collection comes in apple leather, we had to kill the idea of remaining a 100% ‘fruity’ brand: We couldn’t source apple leather for our beige classmates and wanted the full class of bags to graduate with us this summer. In Pura Utz, we’re not leaving anyone behind. Thus, our beige fellows come in vegan leather which might make them less fruity but just as qualified for long and happy lives post graduation. When it comes to an end, that is what matters most to us, the planet and our Pura Utz Familia. (: <3 Btw, over 80% of the components consist of natural and renewable materials with GOTS certified organic cotton backing and Öko-Tex Standard 100 eco-label - factors which, combined with their colorful and attention-seeking appearance, make them likely to run off with the circus.

By launching the bag collection, we feel fully qualified to graduate from the school of being a small brand and expand into something that feels more like college life (we’ll stay on the journey of lifelong learning, that’s a promise). We hope you will love the bags and enter a new chapter with us!


This summer, Pura Utz is graduating. Let’s celebrate!!!


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Buchanan, R. (1992). Wicked Problems in Design Thinking. Design Issues. The MIT Press, (8)2, 5-21.