Yellow Flowers

Yellow Flowers


We are passionate about the story of our products - the women they are made by, and the women they are made for.

Every bag is handwoven by Mayan women, it takes four days from start to finish and is a long process that requires patience and dedication. You can be sure that each bag has been made with devotion and love.

We see each bag as a beautiful symbol of the connections of worlds between the woman who made the bag and the woman who wears the bag. We want you to feel empowered by dressing yourself with a product that has meaning and significance to the woman who made it - and we want to empower each female artisan that we collaborate with in Guatemala by creating new designs that honor and acknowledge their existense and worth, and generate money in their own hands. Want to meet the women behind our bead work? Go here.


Photos by Tobias Valentin

Styling by Anna Andrés & Ragna Bjarnasdóttir

Make Up by Nanna Oxbøll

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