Purple Flower Dream

Purple Flower Dream


All our beaded pouches are made over the course of four days by three women - one weaves the bag, one embroiders the buttom part and the last one braids the shoulder strap. Each Flower Dream is handmade with 55500 tiny glass beads and the shoulder strap is made with very durable fish thread. Don’t worry - if you treat it with love it will last a life time. You can be sure that each bag has been made with devotion and love, we make these products special for you and us, so all bags come with the name of the woman who made it. 

We pay three times as much as in the markets because we want to reach beyond the principles of fairtrade, because our idea and vision is for the women to feel proud and to grow their self worth by being able to provide for themselves and invest in their future. Here is Bernabela explaining a bit about this.

To get a little sense of the ambience check out this video we made. 


Size 11 x 16 cm. Hanger 90 cm full length

This is vintage reborn! Top part is handwoven and the buttom part is embroidered making it hard and durable so the pouch doesn’t ‘collaps’ when you add things. The hanger is adjustable, so that you can both wear it on your wrist or crossbody - the perfect combo for everyday and evenings.

After a long time with only made-to-order bags, we are trying to stock a little bit og each bag so you don’t have to wait. We want to step away from excessive production as a small company, so we will still have limited stock and some designs might be sold out from time to time for a few weeks. 


Our platform unfortunately does not support multiple currencies. The prices listed below are an estimate, but please note that you will be charged in Danish currency and that the exact amount will depend on the exchange rate of the day.

2300 DKK / 350$ / 309€ / 265£

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