• Apple Blob Earring
  • Apple Blob Earring
  • Apple Blob Earring
  • Apple Blob Earring

Apple Blob Earring

Tiny Apple Blob Earring - Made entirely by hand! 

Product Info

-    Red / Green / Brown
-    100% handmade and unique
-    Total length: 2 cm
-    Blob Material: 925 Sterling Silver
-    Blob Color Options: 24 Carat Gold Plated Sterling Silver / Sterling Silver


Apple Blob Earring handmade by mega talented artisans in our team in Guatemala.
It is made with the best quality glass beads making it resilient and long lasting,
if you treat it with love <3 
You can mix and match this earring with others from our assortment; buy two and wear them as a set, or mix it with your own jewelry.

*Not just a smiling face

We pay our team 3 x the market standard to honor the women who create our products. At the end of the day it’s just a beaded banana, what makes it special is what it means to the woman who made it and the person who will wear it. 

Are you interested in knowing more about our story, we invite you to meet our co-founder Bernabela here and test your attention span with a more in depth report on our commitment and impact here.

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Product Care 

Here is how to best take care of your new Pura Utz treasure.