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About Pechuga – the project of freeing the nipple

Pechuga is about feminism, positive vibes and freeing the nipple. Our tees are organically made and fairtrade (of course!). We look for the best alternative with everything we do, therefore even our labels are made of recycled paper.
We care deeply about people, sustainability and our planet. We don't claim to be perfect - but we do insist on making a positive change wherever we can. 

oh, and Pechuga means breast in spanish. We believe that serious messages can be communicated with fun and humor.

It's as simple as that.

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”When life gives you lemons, bla bla bla.. you know the rest of this. But it is exactly what Pechuga is born from, it is pure LEMONADE in my life.

I founded Pechuga with my friend in a time of crisis; crisis coming from grieve, heartache, a long entrepreneurial adventure in my other company and heart baby Pura Utz ( Pechuga was born out of a night of red wine and tears of sorrow and laughter, discussing the role of women, all the expectations and how hard it was to be everything : cool, funny, sexy, smart, homely, motherly, girlfriend, friend and healthy – but at the same time, not be all of that too much. This led to the discussion of… THE NIPPLE (insert heavy piano, you know the Dracula-castle-kind), because this is probably the most grotesque symbol of all these aspects of female life. The fact that there exists such a sexualization of the female body that we no longer decide for ourselves what we can show of our bodies due to censorship on social media is just distorted. I am not fighting this fight to show my own nipples on instagram (I am too much of a coward), but I want to take part in this fight and comment on this sexualization with humour – just because of the simple fact that I believe I can reach a way broader audience with humor and sarcasm, even though the message is super serious.

When putting fries or flamingos on your boobs, my point is this – fries and flamingos have nothing to do with sexuality, and it is just the same with the female nipple – it is only as sexual as you project it to be ”