How do you pack your orders?


When Anna decided she wanted to work with women in Guatemala and start PURA UTZ thus making her dream come true, she never though that one of the many challenges that come with having an online shop -a really tricky one- is packaging.

It is a big concern because a) you ship things overseas so everything has to be packed carefully, b) people expect to have a great experience when they receive their order so It cannot be something ugly or bad quality and c) well we have this incredible planet of ours to think about! So yeah, packaging has been a huge headache for us since we are such a small business and we are mainly just two people working in the office, standing with our hands in all this packaging every day.

It’s heartbreaking to think of all the shipping bags that are boring and grey and we know that people will rip them apart and throw them out once they have opened it. Plus, how can we ensure that the orders arrive safely and make for an awesome experience for our lovely customers? This has been a major concern for us and we are aware of the giant problem we have with plastic in the oceans so we really wanted to prevent the single use plastic in our packaging. We have put a lot of time and effort into creating and sourcing packaging that you would want to reuse after receiving it. We are using the silver foil bag instead of a plain plastic bag in hopes that you will think it’s cool and you will save it and perhaps use it to pack something yourselves.

We discussed with a number of people, what is one thing that excites them the most when buying products from other brands and what would they consider reusing and the answer was always nice boxes that are made of hard plastic, can be reused and last for many many years. Therefore, we chose to pack our jewelry in our plastic glittery boxes, as a cute option that can be reusable as a package for someone else, as a jewelry box or to take with you on vacation to protect your jewelry from breaking. We really hope that when people receive the packaging from us, they do think it’s a nice experience and that they will consider recycling it if its plastic and they do not want to use it or that -like us- like the packaging enough to reuse it thus preventing all the single use packaging.

We know that we are not perfect in that sense and we are also concerned with packaging that flies across oceans since our project is a long way away in Guatemala, which is not sustainable either, but we need to do a realistic check on what we are able to do. We are small entrepreneurial company trying to make ends meet and do the best we can with our resources. Every time we grow as a company and we get more funding we invest into trying to have the best solutions and be more sustainable and we promise we will continue doing that.

Sustainability has many faces and one of them is -if you are not able to stop producing something- to at least make quality products that will last a long time and can be reused. This is a value that we live by here at Pura Utz. If you have ideas or concerns don’t hesitate to write to us at