we are made of the people

We want to create value in the lives of the women we work with! All our products are produced to honor and to create a sustainable income for the incredible women and their families.

The obvious value is the income, as one weaving will generate one month worth of salary. But we also want to create value in the form of acknowledgement – showing the women that people all over the world value their weaving skills.

We work with individual women, cooperatives and Non-profit organizations in different parts of Guatemala. 

we are handmade

All our styles have been carefully selected and designed by us.
We both redesign vintage hand woven textiles into unique accessories — and create new unique patterns and color combinations for our interior line of products.

All our products are handmade which allows perfect imperfections that no machine will
ever be able to replicate. With PURA UTZ you will ALWAYS buy a unique and handmade product! We put great attention into the details and we never compromise when it comes to quality and style.

we are colorful

We want to add colors to your simplistic style to put bubbles of joy in your mind, to make you smile on a grey day and to add uniqueness and edge to your style. We have given in to the addiction of colors — and we want you to do the same. It is a chemical reaction!

we empower women

By creating new designs with an ancient craft, the women are enabled to create an income for themselves and their families — creating a space of self-sufficiency and confidence. Because it is not just about the money, it is about acknowledging existence and worth.

Every time you buy one of our products, you are impacting and empowering women from Guatemala.