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Major Heart dropping right now for this collaboration with Bianca Valle (@vbiancav) from New York. We want to connect women all over the world - our designs are just the medium to do so! And here we are taking it a step further by collaborating with special women on unique designs made by them and the women in our team in Guatemala.

The vbiancav Apple Necklace is elaborated by Julia right here.

Julia is one of the most skilled women in our group. She does most of the elaboration of our samples and has the mentality to keep pushing through on new difficult designs and ideas. She never gives up! She has almost finished her school teacher degree and aspires to be an english teacher later in life.


We asked Bianca a few questions about it all and what connection means to her <3

photograph by Sarah Russell

photograph by Sarah Russell


why is this fruit design to you especially?

I picked an apple because it is one of my favorite snacks. As a holistic nutritionist I always encourage my community to eat healthy snacks by showing them when I eat a healthy snack. Over time, my community now shares pictures with me of them eating apples as snacks!! 

what does it mean for you to be connected to the woman who made your design?

It is so important to me to keep things local and small, just like our food! As a Hispanic woman I know what it's like to be an artisan. I grew up around them, and supporting women that get to do a trade they love for work is such a beautiful karmic circle to be a part of.

what does it mean to you to be/feel connected?

Connection is the most important to me. I love finding hearts in this world that are genuine and pure. We all motivate each other! Connection is at the core of my existence. 

what makes a product extra special to you? 

Mindfulness. There is so much stuff in the world I think it's so important for brands and products to start being more mindful with their production. I love supporting brands that think on multiple levels keep our world healthy and customers healthy and happy too!

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