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“Elizabeth Cardinal Tamkin (@elizcardinal), New York City, I am the Market Strategist at Man Repeller, and mother to my baby girl Bow (an 8 year old French Bulldog). I also run a closet curation service where I organize closets and create outfits out of existing items with the owner”.


our second drop of special collaborative designs <3 so happy to work with Elizabeth on what is har signature accessory - Sunglass Chain! Now in a banana edition - check it out here. We offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Just write ‘elizcardinal’ upon check out.

Elizabeth is a very inspiring and unique woman! She is honest and open about her life, thoughts and everyday feelings on her Instagram, which we find very real. From her pics you see that she is so cool, her style is unique and she works as Market Strategist at Manrepeller, she checks all the boxes for cool <3 But that she is open and vulnerable as well makes it such a treat and pleasure to follow her everyday adventures.

what is this fruit design to you especially?

I wear sunglasses chains every single day out of convenience (I never lose sunglasses or ruin them in my bags!) and it's now become a signature piece of mine. Bananas were the chosen fruit because they are very healthy with healthy fats, are filling, and you don't have to wash them to eat them (convenient!). I also love that different people peel them differently. My boyfriend peels them from the opposite side I peel mine from. It's mind blowing. I also admittedly love yellow. Bananas are so much more fun than lemons though!

what does it mean for you to be connected to the woman who made your design?

You know when someone cooks a full delicious meal for you in their home? That's what this feels like. It feels like I'm being cared for and considered. It's a prized possession of mine to be able to know exactly where my every day piece was born. 

what does it mean to you to be/feel connected?

It makes me feel safe and secure. To feel like there's another person out there thinking of you or caring about you lays a little safety net over my world. It's a net, because a new person can always be woven in. 

what makes a product extra special to you? 

When it says something about me. In this case, it's my signature sunglasses chain but it also is one of a kind (all beads are different!) and not to be cheesy, but I feel the love that was put into it being made. I also feel really cool wearing it, which never hurts.

the elizcardinal banana chain is made by sisters Chonita and Rebekha &lt;3

the elizcardinal banana chain is made by sisters Chonita and Rebekha <3

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