Journal : Introducing SPIRIT FRUIT


This has been some time coming, but then again right on time.

We all seem to have a special relationship to a certain or multiple fruits. So many times we have heard feedback from you guys saying – ‘I am such a banana girl’ or ‘I literally live off oranges and grapes’ – and that’s when the idea of the Spirit Fruit was born. Whether you love your fruit because you nourish yourself with it everyday, or it embodies the color you love - it seems to be a thing and we want to highlight that. Because meaning is what we are all about, and we want to keep things personal and real.

The Spirit Fruit meaning

Juts like the ancient Native American beliefs of the Spirit Animal that serves as your spiritual guide or protector, this is our somewhat humorous (that’s for you to decide haha) on this. It’s an idea of making it even more personal than we already try to make it. So we made these special made designs with very special women that will be dropping every now and then as we go along our journey. AND shortly we will introduce a customizable fruit edition to the shop, so that you can start collecting your own little basket of fruits on jewelry that’s easy to change and add more to.

The special designs

The Spirit Fruit designs that we are introducing with very special and unique women, will all be uniquely related to their spirit and connected to the woman who elaborated the design. This week we will introduce the first one with Bianca Valle (@vbiancav) from New York. An inspirational selfmade woman who works to promote a balanced relationship with healthy food. She is from Mexico and has a bright and shining soul - it was match made in heaven.

So stay tuned for some juicy apples from the Big Apple 🍎 more info sooooooner than later ❤️