Journal : How we meet a new group of women


Some people ask me how I start working with the groups of women that I do. So I thought I’d share a few words on that together with some photos and videos of a new capsule collection we are working on.

Although I love beadwork, textiles were the thing I worked with from the beginning of the project. And some months ago Bernabela and I were roaming around the market, where we came across this beautiful bird motif. I instantly new I wanted to create a line of products with it.

So I started asking around in the village with people I new, and before I knew it we had a small group of three women that knew this craft and that really wanted to form a little cooperative. We met up and talked about what it all means to be creating these products together - time, salary, quality, the new markets, the consumers and their expectations and last but not least our dreams for the future.

So meet Las Rosas - their name was created on the day of our first meeting.

And yes, if you spotted the bird textile in the middle and fell in love - then you feel like I do. Since the meeting we have been creating samples, color combos and adjusted the first product in the collection. It always takes some months to get it all right. This is the process of combining this craft with a whole new use and world. But its so worth it.

This is journey I love! Creating a new design with the incredible skills of the women, allowing them to reach new worlds and markets. And be acknowledged for their talent and existence.

Of course this all sounds fairly easy. And in some way it is now and that is why these six years of investing in the project and the relationships with the women is really starting to pay off. And I am so grateful for that.

We are not a factory and we will never be. The women work from their home and meet up at each others houses. They can combine their work with their everyday lives.

Thank you for reading along, I hope you feel excited about this collection launching in a few months 💗