If style could talk


If style could actually speak – the Mayan textiles would enthrall you in a magical tale of living connected with nature and earth. Each color represents an element of the earthly living. 

Blue is the sky, red is the blood running in the human being, yellow and orange represent rays of light from the sun and brown and black is the soil in which they grow vegetables and flowers. 

 Everything has significance! 

They embroider diamond shapes as symbols of all the hundreds of communities in the Highlands,
the triangle peaks honor the thirty three majestic volcanoes and the animal heads have two sides — one that represents the present and the opposite that tells the story of each persons past.

We find this so beautiful — and beautiful never goes out of style!

El Traje - The Mayan Dress



The top part is called a ‘Güipil/Huipil’. It is hand woven and embroidered on a back strap loom
and one güipil can take up to one year to weave. It is an art that the women have mastered for more than 2000 years and generally is passed on from generation to generation. Each region and village of Guatemala has its significant design and pattern – this particular one is from the region Nahualá.

The belt is called a ‘Faja’. It is also loomed on a back strap loom – the color combinations, size and pattern is more freely made, meaning that it is not limited to the area where you live.

The skirt is called a ‘Córte’ which - interestingly - usually always loomed by the men on a large foot loom. The process is very different, as you will be able to create several meters and widths of the same pattern fabric. What the women do to differentiate their cortés are to embroider a small ‘ranta’, which is a line of colorful threads  that can take the form of diamonds, spiders or other animals like cats.