Christmas Card : Thank you for your love and support

This time of year is all about the love and the gratefulness <3

I am grateful for this group of women – Bernabela, Ìsabel, Chonita, Sara and Marí. They have been working full time on all the quirky beadwork designs for you this whole year. That is a dream come true for all of us ❤️

We have worked together as a group for almost three years now, and our friendship has grown a lot. I am beyond grateful for the team and collaborating skills we have. It feels like we are all a team of individual female entrepreneurs who have joined forces.

For the women to fight for their own income and try to provide for themselves, their families and a better future - that requires a very special spirit and vision. And these women have that. And we give it to each other. When one is feeling discouraged or something is going on in our private lives, we offer each other support and belief in solutions and moving forward together. I can’t express how grateful I am to have them in my life and being partners.

Design and products made with Amor - for you and for them.

Thank you, gracias and TAK for your love and support another year in Pura Utz 🙏

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones ! ❤️



Directed and Edited by my power house friend Anna Louise Andersen

All photos by Anna Louise Andersen