Pillows on Cloud 9 : Direct Trade


From woman to woman.

The product comes directly from the woman you see on the picture with your pillow.

It is time costly and made slowly with love and patience - it is a craft that cannot compete with a fast moving world, it is made to be loved for a lifetime because of it’s beauty and it’s story.

With this product the women can provide for themselves and their families in a respectful and mutual relationship. It is an acknowledgement of existence and worth — because as humans we are equal.

The interior collection is a collaboration between Pura Utz and Asociación de Mujeres del Altiplano. The organzation is a foundation of 150 Mayan women from the Highlands of Guatemala that works for the empowerment of women. They work holistically from the point of empowerment to enable the women to grow in confidence and actively take part in changing their lives and becoming self sufficient.

Learn more about them here at www.amaguate.org

About Direct Trade.

Direct Trade means there is no middle (wo)man. The largest challenge that Asociación de Mujeres del Altiplano have faced with the embroidery technique is, that it is so time costly and thereby the product always ends up having a high price — and that is okay. Because each pillow takes around three weeks just to embroider and then afterwards it is sewn and shipped to another country. So you can probably imagine that of course the price is high.

The Story about the pillows.

Asocicación de Mujeres del Alitplano received some funding from an international foundation that helps support and promote artisanal products. The mission was to try to promote the backstrap weaving products, because they are the most empowering and impactful products of the 150 women they work with in the Highlands of Santa Catarina Ixtahuacán. So the vision of each pillow is to provide each woman with almost a month worth of salary and to help maintain this incredible tradition and craft.

Full disclosure on the price.

The women in Guatemala are paid 1000DKK equivalent to around 150$ for their work - this includes the women that weave the textiles, the women that sew them and the women working in the office shipping and organizing the orders - it’s a full circle of women. Pura Utz has a very minimum handling fee percentage on the pillow (but this is really a non profit product), because the rest is taxes and shipping.

Paola and Fabiola from Asociación de Mujeres del Altiplano were in Denmark in August where we displayed the pillows at Finderskeepers Designmarket in Copenhagen. See our Photo Journal here - we had a wonderful time <3

You can also see the full editorial of the pillows here our Journal.


All photos of the artisans are by Jaquelin Mejía, Asociación de Mujeres del Alitplano

Editorial is by our photographer Sienna Rousseau