Photo Journal : ByBabba x Pura Utz

Two weeks after the launch of the ByBabba Pop Up Shop ‘She’, I finally have time to sit down a write a few words about our collection.

Babba and her team ByBabba created a week and a half long pop up of events and products by emerging female brands and entreprenuers. For the pop up ByBabba and Pura Utz made a working woman suit and collection consisting of a jumpsuit, bucket hat and tote bag.

All the products were made by ten of our partners from Guatemala. One family handwove the white, red and chequered textiles, Margarita and Elvia sew them in the workshop of Asociación de Mujeres del Altiplano and Jesus and his family made the tote bags.

Everything within Pura Utz is created by collaboration between women, groups and families - collaboration is the heart of what we do.

It was an amazing experience for all of us to make a product that was to be launched in New York - thank you for this experience ByBabba <3