Come be part of the beginning of something great that is taking place. The world is shifting and changing, this means that we can no longer turn our heads away from consumption, pollution, poverty and social injustice.

You can make a difference now, we promise you that there is not a long way from your hands and mind to actual change in someone else’s life and leaving a positive foot print on our planet.

We are looking for two interns to join our team in the studio of Pura Utz and Pechuga. Both companies are here to challenge the status quo of fashion by creating impactful products that empower women and men. We care deeply about sustainability and we are here to make a difference, and really prove that fashion can be a powerful in changing the world. Sounds like a fight you would love to take part in?

As we are still a start up studio you will get a lot of responsibility and we expect you to love this. Your tasks will not only include your primary position, but will require that you are willing to help with whatever is most urgent right now.


Internship 1 : Creative Content


When - Late July – minimum 3 months / apply before July 17th noon

This internship allows you to create creative content that tells the story of our products, not only aesthetically but also the core values. You will plan and execute photoshoot in collaboration with us and our photographers. You will have great influence on the art direction and visual identity on SoMe and our website.

We are looking for a someone that already has a great eye for fashion, SoMe and PR – but maybe you have this feeling in your stomach that this alone feels a bit empty? We want someone that has the desire to give fashion meaning and purpose so that we can have a larger impact on the world. If we don’t make it big, we won’t make a big difference.

We want to build a network of influencers/creative content people that want to promote sustainable and cool fashion. You can help build this network right now.


Special Skills – Indesign and/or Illustrator, photography, portfolio of either your own IG or other similar work, fashion, traveling, volunteer work


Internship 2 : PR and Communication

When - Late July – minimum 3 months / apply before July 17th noon

We are looking for someone with a large passion for writing good stories, a person who understands how to bridge the gap of grass root values and fashion. You need to be passionate about wanting to make a positive impact on the world by spreading the word of sustainable and impactful fashion. In August we have an amazing project where two of the Mayan women form Guatemala will actually come to Denmark – this is a dream come true for us, and we are looking for you to help us tell this story.

Other than that you will work with content, event and PR across Pechuga and Pura Utz. You will have a big roll in planning the art direction of our creative content linked to the stories of our projects + events going on in august and September.


Special skills – InDesign and/or Illustrator, experience or education from similar position, travelling, volunteer work, fashion