Pre-Order Bag

Pre-Order Bag


Pre-Order Option

Because Anna is going to Guatemala the 25th of January we have added a pre-order option of our bags. This means that they are made-to-order and it also means that you save -20% on your purchase, and you pay through two rates. 

You add the style of bag under 'select style', you pay 678 DKK now and 678 DKK right before receiving the bag in mid february. Please read *terms below.

This opportunity is only available until monday the 29th where we start the production in Guatemala. This is a beautiful chance for you to follow your bag from the women's hands to yours 💓

Please send us an e-mail with any question you might have.  


*terms of pre-order

The bag is made-to-order and therefore it is not possible to exchange it after receiving it. You pay the 1.rate upon placing your order here in the shop. The 2.rate is paid one week prior to receiving the bag through an invoice we will send you. 

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